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100% Custom Dental Restorations

The Perfect Fit Every Time

Hand Crafted in Rochester, NY

We're Porcelain Plus Dental Lab

We’re Porcelain Plus Dental Lab

Our goal is to provide you with products that meet your expectations, at a fair price, along with realistic turn around time.

A Boutique Style Laboratory

A Boutique Style Laboratory

Specializing in fixed prosthesis with a focus on all ceramic and implant fabrication.

Our Work is Custom to Your Patient

Our Work is Custom to Your Patient

We offer custom in lab shade taking with return follow up, before the insert appointment.

Porcelain Plus Services

All Ceramic

IPS e.max has become the standard for metal free restorations, With its unmatched strength (360–400 mpa) flexural strength…

Complete Case Planning

We welcome the opportunity to assist in the case planning, especially with implant combination fixed/removable and complex restorative…

Dental Implants

Fixed implant restorations, Fixed-detachable restorations and Fixed-removable restorations for the perfect replacement…

Full Cast Crowns

Although most patients request tooth collared crowns, there are a significant number of people who request the beauty and functional…

General Dentistry

With new technical advances in dental restorations ,dental appliances have continued to evolve. The materials, technologies and techniques…

All Ceramic

A tried-and-true standard for years we offer outstanding crown and bridge fabrication only in America…

Bill Ellsworth, Founder

Bill Ellsworth

After graduating from Ithaca College and working in a commercial lab for four years, I decided to open Porcelain Plus in 1986. Along with that came developing and managing and in-house laboratory for a local dental practice. Eventually moving the business just around the corner to where I am today, in Irondequoit NY. A boutique, fixed laboratory with a talented team in place I’ve continued to enjoy and thrive in the dental industry. Continuing education such as attending the Mitsh Institute, Dawson Academy, Dr. John Cois teaching facility and Ivoclar’s workshops have been an inspiration to me.